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EG-PDU-007 Per-outlet-metering power distribution unit (POM PDU), 1U rack, 16A, C13 outlet x 8 pcs


Remote management:
Allows users to access, configure, and manage the PDU from remote locations via SSL web (https) and SNMP control. Reduce system down-time and simply reboot from a remote location with a simple switch of one individual power socket. The possibility of switching individual sockets finally makes remote control a reality. Your switch is my command!
Magic of metering:
True RMS Current Metering & Reporting. Prevents overloaded circuits and allows allocating energy costs to specific devices. Monitor energy usage of each socket via the LED display, or from any remote location with the network management capabilities of the PDU.
Real time alarm system:
Real time sensing of user defined alarm thresholds helps avoiding overloaded circuits. The PDU informs users about alarm situations via e-mail, SNMP, SysLog and visible (LED) and audible alarm signals.
Protect you equipment:
Advanced circuit breaker protection helps protecting your valuable equipment.
Wide product range:
The EG-PDU product family has a perfect solution for almost every situation. With a variety of input and output connections to distribute 230V (16A) power to various amounts of sockets.

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Remote Power Management: Individual & Group Outlet Power Switching
SNMP Control and SSL Web Browser (Https) for Setup and management
Device Watchdog Reboot by Ping Action
Remote Total PDU and Individual Outlet Power Monitoring
True RMS Current Metering & Reporting
Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Power Consumption Data
Current, Temperature and Humidity Threshold Sensing
User Defined Alarm Thresholds
Alarm Notification via Email, SNMP, Syslog, LED or Audible Alarm.
User Defined Power On/OFF Sequence Time.
Timed & Scheduled On/Off/Reboot Switching
Memorized Power-Up Previous Status
Local LED Displays Amps, IP Address ,Temperature or Humidity
Connector for external temperature and humidity sensor (EG-PDU-P01)
Circuit Breaker Protection
8x C13 type sockets
1U Rack mountable
Free PDU Management Utility Software

RJ45: 1pcs; 10M Ethernet ICMP, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMPv1
RJ11: 1pcs; ENV Connection private
Reset Hole: 1pcs; Hardware Reset
Button: 1pcs; Function 1 beeps : Current, Temp./Humidity Display 2 Beeps : IP Display. 4 Beeps : DHCP/Fixed 6 Beeps : Reset to Default
Seven Segments: 3 digits; Current True RMS Meter Range: 0A ~ 20 A Resolution: 0.1A Precision: +/-2%+/-0.1AMP
IP; Press Button after 2 Beeps will display PDU IP Address
1 Digit; ID; 0: Total Current 1~8: Individual Outlet Current t: Temperature h: Humidity
Green LED: 8pcs; Power Status; Light when power on
Red LED: 8pcs; Per Outlet Status; 1. Flash: The load exceed the warning setting 2. ON: The load exceed the overload setting 3. Off: Normal
Yellow LED: 1pcs; Web Access; ON: SSL is enabled
Green LED: 1pcs; IP; ON: DHCP is enabled
Output Socket: 8pcs; IEC 320 C13
Input Connector: 1pcs; IEC 320 C20
Circuit Breaker: 2pcs; 16 Amp
Nominal Voltage: 160-320V
Voltage: 230V
Max. Output Capacity:16 Amp
Frequency: 50/60HZ full range
Temperature: 0 ~ 45 Celsius degree
Humidity: 0% ~ 90%